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When 70% of home accidents occur in the bathroom, keeping your bathroom safe is priority, that is why Essential Health Supplies offers a full line of grab bars and hand grips, bath chairs and stools, transfer benches, toilet seat risers, commodes and a myriad of bath accessories to ensure bathroom safety. All of the bathroom products offered are easy to install, turning any bathroom into a safe environment.

Bath Chairs

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When standing up in the shower or getting up and down from the tub is difficult, a bath chair is key for safety.


  • With Back/ No Back
  • Color Variations
  • Arms/ No Arms
  • Wheels no Wheels
  • Padded Seat
  • Materials: Plastic. Aluminum
  • Weight Capacity 250lbs -500lbs

Transfer Bench

Transfer Benches are designed for easy and convenient transfer in and out of the tub or shower as they provide a flat surface and study base in which user can slide to transfer.
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Grab Bars

For maximum security, it s recommended that bathrooms be equipped with grab bars in the tub or shower, by the toilet and in transition in order to reduce the risk of falling.Options

  • Material: Chrome/Stainless Steel/ Powder Coated
  • Mounting: Suction Handles or Fixed
  • Various Sizes and Designs available

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Bathroom Commodes are like a portable toilets, by setting them aside the bed they eliminate the trouble of getting up and having to walk to the bathroom so they offer convenience and safety. By taking out the backrests, commodes can also be used as a safety frame for toilets or as toilet seat risers.Options

  • Standard or Bariatric(+500lbs capacity)
  • Steel/ Aluminum/ Plastic
  • Feet or with wheels
  • Folding or Fixed
  • With Pail or to Fit over Existing Toilet
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Toilet Seat Risers

If sitting down or standing up from a low seat position is painful or just difficult, a raised toilet seat is an easy adjustment to minimize stress and add safety.Options

  • Handles/No Handles
  • 2” or 4” Height
  • Mounting-Safety Locks, Clamps, Bolts or Contour
  • For use with existing toilet lid or replacement

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