About Us

As one of the most comprehensive and customer focused medical and  health supplies companies in Aruba, Essential Health Supplies strives to provide the best quality health products and mobility equipment rentals,  matched with exceptional customer service. Our company holds an extensive array of health and medical products for purchase and for rent. Essential Health Supplies also increasingly offers medical equipment and supplies for medical practitioners, clinics and hospitals.

Wellness Products & Services

As part of Essential repertoire of wellness products, Essential carries natural  nutritional supplements of the highest quality.  Our nutritional supplements  are sourced from company’s who are value drive,  offering  pure and clean ingredients, non-gmo, certified organic and upholding the best standards in the supplements industry like GMP manufacturing certifications, NSF certifications and fair trade.  In 2022, Essential  added a new department Essential Wellness Retreats under the Essential flagship. Essential Wellness retreats offers professional retreat services based on a holistic and integrative approach of mind, body and spirit.  Wellness experiences and services include one-on-one wellness coaching, wellness workshops and the add on of mindful activities like yoga workshop, tai-chi, qigong and nature hikes To learn more visit www.arubawellnessretreats.com  

Located across Aruba Dr. Horacio E. Oduber Hospital and close to all resorts, locals and visitors alike are insured a quick, easy and convenient location to meet all their health supplies as well as holistic health service needs. Complimentary delivery services are also included with all our mobility and heavy medical equipment rentals.

At Essential Health Supplies we understand that every client is different so we believe in getting to know the personal needs of each of our clients. We train our staff to have good knowledge of all our products and believe good training is key in providing the best and most personalized customer service. Essential Health Supplies employees routinely partake in training courses which are accredited by such organizations as the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) and the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA). In addition, employees are certified in Compression Fittings and Board for Orthotist/Prosthetist Certification (BOC), thru accredited trainings.

Our Story

Our company was inspired by the memory of our belated loving father Dr. Rudy M. Dennert, who was stricken by a terminal illness. In taking care of him at home we experienced the limited resources and products available in Aruba for people dealing with similar situations. It has since then become our moto to improve the lives of people with health challenges  and that of their caregivers. Our tag line is “ Gear for Life ” as we would like to inspire people to get into forward Gear Motion so they may face with optimism any situation and health challenges they may have, while providing them with health gear or tools to help them along the way.

As our company grew, we constantly encountered in our daily operations many clients with health challenges who wanted to tell us their story and personal situations.  We began to listen and learn about the personal health journeys of our clients.  During these years, we also started to understand the growing need for a personal approach to health.  Our clients wanted to get to the root cause of their health concerns and wanted someone to listen to them.  They wanted to learn what they needed to change to help them get better and prevent further health problems. It became clear that empowering the individual thru  lifestyle changes, based on the holistic approach, was the greatest catalyst for health.    Thus a new department under Essential Wellness Retreats was founded.  

Our mission is to enable and empower people lead a healthy, happy, compassionate and purposeful lives and in doing so becoming the most value based, caring, patient focused, responsive and efficient medical equipment, health supplies and wellness service company we can be.